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Julie R. Jones
Manager, HR & Finance

Direct: (469) 694-9997


About Julie

Lolli, my most cherished name and role.  My granddaughter, Townes, bestowed the honor to me in 2017 and life has been full of excitement and energy ever since!  It has been said (by people taller than 36 inches) that the most appropriate job title for me is Process Analyst.  I love creating organized systems and processes that make life simpler and more streamlined.  Utilizing these processes frees me up to do other things in life that I love (refer to the first sentence!).  My passion for keeping things organized, balanced and accessible causes many to say, “Oh, let’s get Julie to do that”.  A career coach once told me that I might be needed more than I want to be needed.  I have found that to be true, so I choose my jobs and activities discerningly now. 


I grew up in Pine Bluff, Arkansas and, at the ripe age of eight, when assigned to be the third- grade grocery store checkout clerk, I decided numbers were my jam.  I moved to Texas to attend SMU where I graduated with a BBA in Accounting.  During college, I married my high school sweetheart, and after graduating I began work in the oil and gas accounting field until we started our family.  For many years I stayed home caring for our three children, my full-time job.  As they entered middle school, I began some part time work in accounting and finally began to earn real dollars for my work when I started J Jones Company, a financial bookkeeping service.  My penchant for perfection, along with inquisitive instincts would make for a good attorney (which many who know me well would say I should have been), but these traits were also invaluable when I was hired by a law firm in 2008, primarily to implement a system for foreign trust accounting.  Did I know a thing about foreign trusts? No!  But I learned quickly and loved all aspects of working at the law firm.  I never considered myself a creative type, but I have discovered that I am. It is just reflected very unconventionally in systems, processes, and Quickbooks. 


In 2011, my son and his business partner asked if I would quit my job at the law firm and work for them.  For the next eight years, I was the Finance and HR Director at Gossett Jones Homes.  As with all start-ups, the time commitment was intense, but the rewards were abundant.  From a company of three people to an Inc 500 award, it was all an amazing part of my journey which led me to PlanWise Financial Group.


When my husband and his partner formed PlanWise Financial Group, I jumped on board to meet the company's financial reporting and HR needs.  The journey that led me here, also equipped me well to meet the needs of PlanWise Financial Group.  I am now a part of a growing, thriving team of financial advisors whom I would hire any day, as long as they pass a background check!


In my spare time you might find me biking the trails of Lady Bird Lake, hiking the mountains in Telluride, working out with my trainer, volunteering in my church, and of course making memories with my family and friends.

Julie is also known as

Just Do It!